Chief Activites Officer

Name: Mahana
Language: Tahitian
Meaning:  Day, Sun, Light, or Dawn. 
Birthdate: May 10, 2012
Breed: Boston Terrier
Color: Fawn and White
Weight: 16.2 pounds
Birthplace: Southern Arizona
Street Cred: M
y forever family rescued me on September 7, 2012 from a situation where I was neglected and mistreated. They put me on a healthy diet, and took me to a vet for the first time. Unfortunately, I know what it’s like to be left alone and that is the reason why I wanted to open Mahana’s B & B. Even the most loving and loyal people need to travel to places where their pack can’t follow. To help you through times without your pack, we like to open our home to other furry friends for short or long term stays. We've combined our pack's passions and experiences to develop Mahana’s B&B + Photography! 

Special Gift: With flip spins, play bows, and my magnetic personality, I can get almost any dog, any age to play with me! 

Photographer & Canine Happiness Manager

Name: Ashley
Birthday: April 29
Street Cred: With a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Arizona and a Bachelors of Visual Communications from the University of California at Davis you can put your trust in Ashley's creative skill and documentary experience to give you and your family an unforgettable custom photography session.  She is a Returned Peace Corps Paraguay Volunteer who continued her passion for development work in the arts by mentoring at risk youth through documentary arts in Guatemala City and Tucson, Arizona. Her determination, patience, and kindness is evident in her artwork and ability to connect with animals and people. 
Pet Cred: She is Pet First Aid & CPR certified. Ashley is part farm grown, spending her holidays and summers surrounded by horses, dogs, cats, pigs, goats, chickens, you name it! She is an animal lover through and through. With an interest in dog psychology and behavior, she continues to learn by reading, attending classes and workshops as well as continually learning from Mahana. 
Special Gift: Strangers often tell her their life story.

Lead Refuse Engineer & Pack Support

Name: Travis
Birthday: February 8 
Street Cred: As a graduate from the University of Arizona in Computer Engineering, our in-house geek has been known to publish articles with titles like "Queral Networks: Toward an Approach for Engineering Large Artificial Neural Networks." During the day he is a Java Technical Lead with Axian Inc. at Nike. 
Pet Cred: Travis moonlights as our photo assistant, lead refuse engineer, pack support, provides our web hosting service as well as an extra lap for our B&B guests to sleep in. He has experience working with and training canines with behavioral issues.  
Special Gift: Dogs and babies love him.